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Dog Day Out Report Card

  1. Fun things about your adventure buddy:

    Check all that apply

  2. If your adventure buddy met other pets on their adventure, tell us what types of pets they met and how that went. Be sure to include details about the circumstances if the interaction didn't go well.

  3. On a scale of 1-10, rate your experience with your Dog Day Out Adventure Outing with this dog. 

    1= would not do again, a real struggle

    10= tons of fun, would definitely do again

  4. Please let us know anything additional about your adventure buddy you feel adopters would like to know as well as your experience using the Dog Day Out Adventure Program with BAS that you'd like us to know. Feel free to let know how we can improve the program.

  5. You can include photos/ video of your adventure here or email them to us at We love to post to our social media and show others how much fun dogs and people are having on Dog Day Out Adventures!

    Also, if you are participating in Paws Across Alamance, send us your photos/videos of your time in the local park!

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